Sunday, October 23, 2016

Best Summer Yet

Hi! Sorry again for the long beak, I've just completely forgotten to update you guys here. Oh well, I'm here now :D

It's been an amazing summer, seriously, probably the best one so far. Weirdly enough I had zero holiday, but still! I took advantage of all my free afternoons, evenings and weekends.

I've ..

travelled to Copenhagen and different cities in Finland

gone to five (!) epic music festivals

on one of which I saw Sia perform live and nearly died due to the amazingness

gone blonde :D

swam in the ocean

visited amusement parks

made epic road trips

tanned (and, unfortunately, gotten sunburnt)

had the time of my life!

Work is great, everything is going well. I had a week of holiday in September/October, which I spent in sunny Malta. Video coming soon!

I've also re-visited Amsterdam, that city just gets better each time :')

Hope you are all doing great, I will leave you with some pictures from summer.

More detailed blog post about my trip to Malta is coming later!

x Mira

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