Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sweet little victories (and failures)

Sundays are the best. Hope yours has been relaxing! I've slept in, trained a long workout, been getting ready for the week ahead, chilled and been jamming to sweet (and mostly old) jams by Craig David. 

Reason I've been taking a break from my blog was an exhausting and extremely busy two weeks of interviews, schooling etc etc, but it's all good, it was definitely worth it. I've nailed a job that seems much like a dream job! It's both challenging and interesting, whilst I'll get to step out of my comfort zone which is always a plus. So although it was stressful and overwhelming, things worked out just great. :)

At the same time these past weeks... I injured my lower back at the gym. :'(
It's been bad for a long time already.. Remember, guys, to never overestimate your strength or try something too heavy / hard before or without having perfect form. I'm a bit unsure exactly how the injury took place, but either I had bad form or lifted too heavy. No point in dwelling on that. There's nothing I can do about it now except try to recover from the injury, and learn from my little screw-up. :D

Life's funny, ain't it. Isn't it just typical, you encounter both sweet victories and at the same time, or soon after, some less-joyful moments .. All you gotta do is try and ignore the bad stuff and be happy about the good! 'Cause I know I'm probably repeating myself time after time again, but there really always is something good in your life to be grateful about. ;) it may be something small, but it is there. When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look at the stars. <3

Rememeber to appreciate the little victories and successes. And when you're struggling, look back to them knowing that you'll reach new ones again, eventually, if you just never lose faith in yourself and your abilities.

On another note, summer's here in just short three months! Yay!! Time to take it to the next level. Get fit for life. I joined a new, much bigger gym which has so many exciting machines and sections, woopwoop.. That definitely helps to boost my motivation :D

And also, remember to be kind. To yourself as well as others.
"You reap what you sow." So do good, be good, it doesn't just feel the best, but also returns back to you :) #lawofattraction

Stay awesome. Peace <3

x Mira

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