Sunday, February 21, 2016

Delicious Protein-Packed Dinner

Happy Sunday!

Hope you've had a great weekend so far.

It's been a while since I've shared any recipes here, or on my YouTube Channel , and I've never shared any dinner ideas! So today, I'll make up for that by sharing a delicious, EASY, cheap, filling and healthy vegan dinner recipe. :)

This took about half an hour to make, and this recipe is filling, low-fat, low sodium, oil free, high carb, high protein and DELICIOUS. (Note: Most of these ingredients are organic and / or local, that's what I try buying as often as possible. Also, feel free to add salt, oil or more spices if you like, this is simply how I like to cook. If you like adding those condiments, go for it!) This makes for about two hungry people (I shared this with my brother who eats a LOT, I had two portions and he had four xD).

I used the following ingredients:

1 large sweet potato (steamed)

textured vegetable protein / minced soy "meat" (roughly 2 dl)

small onion

1 package of chopped / mashed tomatoes

small tube of tomato purée

can of black beans

can of mixed beans and corn

spices (I used turmeric, black pepper and a non-sodium Indian mix)

Start off by chopping up the sweet potato and steaming it. Next, heat up a pan to which you add the diced onion, and once it has a light brown color to it, start adding the rest of the ingredients. The soy minced meat will need a few dl of water as well, the amount depends on how much TVP you are using. Just follow the instructions written on the package. :D The beauty of not using any animal products is that there is no risk of not cooking something enough, having something too raw, such as there is a risk for Salmonella if not cooking chicken meat properly.. Vegetables and legumes don't take long at all to cook, they're also are very easy to make tasty, and veggies can be enjoyed a bit "al dente", if that's how you prefer having them. :)
Cook up some rice as well, and voilà!

TVP is a healthy, environmentally friendly and long-preserving replacement for minced meat. Almost, if not everyhting made with minced meat can be made of TVP, too. Many bodybuilders, vegan or not, love using TVP as it is high in protein but has nearly no fat at all.

You seriously don't need meat to make tasty and protein-filled dinners, ya'll. ;)

Try this one, I'm sure you'll love it!

x Mira

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