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5 Different Uses For Coconut Oil

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So I realized, as that I haven't yet really discussed much beauty-related topics on my blog, though it is one of my interests and something I initially wanted to include, when I first started this blog.

To start off, I figured I'd talk about a highly common, well-known and by today, popular product that many of us use at least in some shape or form.

And it is.. Coconut Oil! :D

Chances are, you have a jar somewhere in your kitchen. In the last, maybe, 4 years or so, everyone at least mildly into health and well-being have been raving about coconut oil and it's become a trendy oil to use. Some people cook with it, replacing olive or canola oil with it, and some use a spoonful in their coffee or tea to get the health benefits of it.

I'm not quite a believer of ingesting any oil because I don't think oils in general are a health food.

If you're interested to learn more about why, I leave a couple of links below worth checking out:

"Healthy fats are those fats that are found in nature in an unprocessed formOils are processed foods." (source here <-- amazing, informative and research-based blog post that explains it all! worth reading :)

Short video, if you don't feel like reading ;) :

So, with that out of the way, I want to share with you why coconut oil still is great to have at home, just not as a food.

Uses for coconut oil include the following:

1. Body Oil

No need for fancy, million-ingredient body lotions / oils, when you can use something so natural and inexpensive! It absorbs best if you use it straight after a shower or a bath, while your skin is still damp. Coconut oil is on the thicker side, and it only turns liquid in + 24 degrees Celsius / 75 degrees Fahrenheit, so bare that in mind, it is easy to take too much of the oil when it is solid.. I usually place my jar in hot water for some minutes as it is pretty much never that hot this up north, haha.
If you have oily skin like me, coconut oil may not be your best choice. I feel like it's too thick for my skin type, but if you have dry / normal skin, go for it! It also smells heavenly IMO. :)

2. Massage Oil

Coconut oil is a great oil to use for massaging, mainly because of it's pleasant scent. In Thailand, I had a coconut oil massage, which was really nice. Although my entire body was left pretty greasy afterwards.. :D

3. Hair Mask

I LOVE using coconut oil for my hair! I've been doing it for years already. I like leaving it on my hair, all over, both scalp and ends, for 1-3 hours before washing my hair. It is the only hair mask I use atm, and I use it about once a week. My hair if left so soft and tangle-free! I also think that massaging it well into your scalp can boost hair growth.

4. Make-up Remover

This is my personal favorite way to use coconut oil. It is so gentle and effective, even for water-proof makeup! It works amazingly especially for eye-makeup, as it is gentle and creamy, so it doesn't dry or irritate the sensitive eye area. Some eye-makeup removers are too harsh and cause lashes to fall out and even cause wrinkles.. Be gentle and don't rub your eyes. If you have dry / normal skin, you can use coconut oil to remove makeup from your entire face, but as mentioned before, personally, I feel it is too thick for my oily skin.

5. Whiten & Clean Teeth Naturally

Ever heard of oil pulling? Well, it is an ancient Indian remedy to clean your mouth and whiten your teeth, at the same time. Coconut oil is one of the best and most used oils for it. I will not go into too much detail of how it works, but if you want to know, check out this article, which explains the benefits of this "practice":

There are many more ways to use coconut oil, but these are my favorites and the ones I use most frequently. Try them and let me know how it worked!

How do you like using coconut oil? :)

x Mira

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