Thursday, December 3, 2015

Netflix & Chill Kinda Thursday

tired but happy!

What's up, guys!

Sorry for being MIA this week. I had my very last business school exam today, soo happy it's finally done! So (if everything goes well and I pass) now I have completed my Bachelor's Degree, which was the reason I moved to Norway in the first place. So, I will be moving back to Finland in a couple of weeks. Weird to think that three years have passed already, it's insane..

Anyways, so tonight is my first night of FREEDOM (<3), I wanted to celebrate. Was going to hang out at my friend's house, but she got sick, so I had to change my plans. No biggie!

So I started my afternoon with a long jog / hike on the closest mountain (gosh it makes me so sad how much I will miss the beautiful nature here :( ), in the pouring rain.. It only started raining halfway in, though, luckily.. Nevertheless, I came back SOAKED, but so happy. It's crazy how good a little exercise out in nature really feels, even when the weather sucks!

After that I took a long hot shower (ah, life's little pleasures), and now I'm wrapped up cozy in my pyjamas, ready to watch Netflix and order a pizza. Yasss, a pizza. I deserve it ;)

Looking forward to so much this weekend - first, tomorrow, I'm trying out a newly opened all-organic restaurant here in town, we're going out to dinner with a good friend of mine. Saturday it is time for a pre-Christmas party with my co-workers (julebord, as they say in Norwegian) and on Sunday I fly home again. Just for a short round-trip, to take some of my stuff and to see some awesome people.! :)<3

Anyways, hope you're having an awesome week, do something you love today because you sure as h*ll deserve it, too! ;)

x Mira

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