Monday, December 28, 2015

Life Is Good

throwback to Brazil one year ago!

Hola peeps!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I've definitely enjoyed the Holiday time home with my family, friends and relatives.

I've also joined a gym, applied for some jobs, started settling here in Finland and... booked some fun things!

You probably know by now, that I love traveling. I am addicted to it. It makes me feel alive and happy. So, I've started making plans for my next trips and adventures.

And, I'm going back to Norway! :D haha, couldn't stay away any longer, now, could I.. :')
Well, I'm only staying for a weekend, but it's still super nice to be going back.. And, Matoma! He is playing a club concert that I got tickets for. Should be fun :)

(Just in case you have no idea who Matoma is, check this vid out:)

Also, my friend Marianna and me are going to Amsterdam in March - it's a city I've never been in before, which is why I finally needed to see it :) we are also planning a cruise to Stockholm, and maybe a trip to Lapland aka Northern parts of Finland..!

Doing what you love feels just so damn good. Being with nice people who mean the most to you. Never ever settle for friends or loved ones who don't make you happy / who you have to beg to spend time with you, it is never worth it. Why would you, when there will be people who fall into your life and stay there no matter what?

Sjana Elise wrote an amazing caption on her IG pic I saw today that I felt like sharing:

"Doesn’t it feel better when you see a sunrise? Don’t you get so much more done and feel you achieve more when you rise early and begin your day with a bit of exercise? Doesn’t that energise you? By 8am have you accomplished more than you usually would in an entire day? Does eating healthy make you feel more vibrant? Healthy? ALIVE? Does spending quality time with people make you happy? Does following your passions make you full of pure joy? Doesn’t it feel better when you choose a meal full of colour, nutrients and natural energy over processed oils and sugars? When you soak up some vitamin D, release endorphins, hike a mountain, go for a swim, help someone else out, give a compliment, clean up after yourself and do what’s good for you, doesn’t that FEEL good? 
It does for me. And that’s what I finally realised.. Doing good feels good. So why would I want to do anything else? I have the ability to be whoever I want. I have the ability to make choices in my life that will inevitably make me healthier, happier and more fulfilled.. I’d have to be silly and self sabotaging not to make those choices.. Right? "

Loving life atm, hope you are, too <3

x Mira

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