Thursday, November 19, 2015

Leveling Up.. And Why I Don't Edit My Blog Photos

Hello my beautiful friends,

Today is a good day. I've decided to step up my workout routine and fitness game to a whole new level. I have been a little lazy ever since summer ended (I guess many of us have?), but now, I feel more motivated than ever.

I don't even have a specific reason for this, I just feel strong, comfortable and confident in my own skin. More than ever before. I used to be so incredibly insecure about my looks, in my teens, but now I've learned to love my body in a healthy way. I've still got a way to go, naturally, but I've definitely come far already.

This feeling inspired me to write a little (motivational? rant(ish)?) post for you guys.

I have no idea whether girls or boys read my blog (I would assume most of you are girls though haha) but this message is just as suited for both sexes.

Start appreciating what you have, focus on the good sides. Accept what you can't change and move on. Even if you have some cellulite, scars, fat, strech marks, whatever it may be, NO BODY is perfect. Except maybe the photoshopped ones in  magazines. You know something? It irritates me how society's beauty standards can be so f*cked up and unhealthy, that I wanted to rebel against them a little bit. How? Well: I don't edit the photos I upload to this blog. AT ALL! :) It's also because I'm lazy haha, but almost everyone does it, and all ads are pretty much forced to go through with it, but why? Yes, pictures are a big part of a blog / ad campaign. And editing makes them prettier. But do they really need to be THAT perfect? Sometimes when you edit a picture too much, I feel like it loses a part of it, and it becomes an entirely different photo. I don't see why I should use Photoshop, or any editing software for that matter. No, my photos will not win any competitions for how flawless they look. I'm not a professional photographer. Yet, they're real and most importantly, realistic. My blog isn't just about looking pretty (of course), obviously I will post nice photos, but they still have that rawness and edge to them. And they're real. That's what's interesting & feels like ME to me, and hopefully you readers will enjoy it, too. This blog is just another means to express myself. And so I should make it as much like myself, right? Or wouldn't that kind of defeat the purpose..? :) My Instagram photos are also only edited in the actual Instagram app, and most of the time, all I add is brightness.

Why would this be of any interest? Well, because this blog of mine isn't meant to be some picture-perfect, highly edited projection of me. I want to be as authentic as possible, and don't see why I should bother trying to reach some immense level of aesthetics. To me, someone who's greatest quality is their appearances (how they look), isn't a very interesting person, at all. This probably sounds soo cliché. but, I'll risk it and say it anyway - what's on the inside is what matters.
I will share both my highs and lows. I will share useful things and experiences of my life, not uninteresting bull*hit about absolutely nothing (which if why I won't post every day most of the time, because I think nobody really cares about how the weather is today, etc..) but also not just sugarcoated, incredible events alone. I aspire to inspire you in other ways than with perfectly edited, gorgeous photos alone. I'd love to make you think. Make you inspired and excited about stuff and this life. :)
Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against perfectly edited pictures, however, it's just not (for) me. Hope you guys will find my blog interesting to read anyway.
 By the way, if you're interested in healthy vegan nutrition, I recommend liking my Facebook-page Mira Ingrid (, because I've decided to keep this blog a more of a general lifestyle themed outlet, while the Facebook-page is more educational.

Anyways, back to the body love part. Work out and eat healthy because you love your body, not because you don't like the way it looks. Sleep well, stay hydrated and rest. Do this for you, don't compare yourself with others. Only person you should try to be better than, is the person you used to be. Never feel discouraged by perfect images, because most of the time, they're only edited to such dimensions of perfection. All that glitters ain't gold..

Society today has standards so crazy that pretty much nobody meets them. So many people hate their bodies. I feel like I will keep addressing this topic, as it is so important and it does really break my heart that so many people don't think much of themselves and how they look.

Find a reason within you to take care of yourself, something less superficial, unless that's your main driver and motivation. My current reasons?
To be strong, to be able to squat more than some guys (at least some who don't lift hahahaha), to stay fit, flexible and agile for longer (longevity reasons), to break my PR:s, to have more muscle, to lean down a bit, to see where hard work will take my body (how I can shape my body with healthy consistent habits).

Find your motivation within you today, and go kick some ass!

LOVE YOUR BODY, it's the only place you have to live in. And yourself. Because there is only one of you, you're unique and perfect just the way you are. No matter how cliché it sounds.

x Mira

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