Friday, November 6, 2015

Exploring Helsinki

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the inactivity lately, have been busy as a bee here at home. So many people to see, things to do and of course, I also want to just relax in the company of my dear family.
I will stay here until Monday so I still have the weekend left. Will be back to a more regular blogging routine as I'm back in Norway, that's for sure.

Anyways, the weather has been great so I have been taking full advantage of it by actually seeing the city of Helsinki. I had some foreign friends come over here for a few days and was their guide. I also got to eat some amazing vegan food at completely non-vegan restaurants, which was surprisingly easy and sooo delicious!

One afternoon I took my friends to Suomenlinna Island, and we witnessed an amazing sky and sunset.

I do want to apologize for the quality, these were all taken with my good old iPhone 4, as I forgot my camera. 

We also went out to have dinner. We ate at Maya Bar & Grill (uh-mazing mexican food, and all their veggie dishes are vegan!), Pizza Hut (yes, they made me an awesome vegan pizza) and Amarillo. Here are some of the foods I enjoyed:

 Amarillo Veggie Burger

sweet potato fries & quacamole at Pizza Hut 

spicy tofu & sweet potato salad at Maya

Needless to say, it was yet again, very easy to find vegan options. All you have to do is ask! :) 

x Mira

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