Tuesday, October 6, 2015

PRAGUE 2015 ☼

Hey there!

I'm back! It was such an amazing trip, even better than last year. I love Prague so much. So, as promised, here comes a photobomb from our 5 day trip!

We were incredibly lucky with the weather. Every day was sunny and around 20 degrees celcius! How perfect is that.. We visited the Charles Bridge, went pedal boating on the river Vltava, saw the Prague castle and the "Eiffel Tower" aka the Petřín lookout tower.

I didn't take too many pictures of the delicious foods, but it was so easy to find vegan food everywhere in the city! You'll have to check out the YouTube-video I will upload this week for all the noms I ate ;)

YouTube-video coming later this week! I filmed everything we saw during the days. I used my brand new vlogging camera, so you can expect the quality to be better than in my previous videos :)

x Mira

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