Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Week In Spain October 2015 (in pictures)

Hey y'all,

So as you know from previous posts, I spent a week in Barcelona Spain this month. We went to Barcelona city a couple of times, and spent some nice relaxing days by the beach in Sitges.

My absolute favorite day, though, was the amusement park Port Aventura. If you love rollercoasters, it's a must visit! It has Europe's highest rollercoasters. It was EPIC.

As Halloween is closing up, the park was themed like it. It was so cool!
They had face paint stations all over the park, so we couldn't resist being skeletons for one day ;)

I will post a YouTube - video from all these adventures during my week in Barcelona, as I have so much more video footage than pictures. It has become my favorite way of capturing memories to be honest, it is just so much more fun and creative to make videos IMO. Don't worry, I'm not planning to quit blogging or Instagram, but videos are just new and exciting so they are my main focus atm. ;)

We also went and had epic vegan eats, as usual:


LA BOQUERIA (market by La Rambla)

GOPAL (epic vegan burger place)

This place, guys, was INCREDIBLE. They only sell vegan foods, junk foods though, but I tried a Teriyaki burger and a Seitan sandwich (yes, I ate two haha, couldn't resist) and they were probably the two best burgers I've ever had in my life. Yes, even before veganism. You HAVE to go there if you're ever in Barcelona! You won't regret it!

UPDATE: Here is the YouTube - video! :)

x Mira

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