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My best study tips

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Hey there!

With summer being more or less over, it's back to school / college / university time, so I wanted to take a moment to share my best tips on how to be the best possible student as you can be.

We all want to do well in school. It will bring us more opportunities in the future, but also, learning is always a good thing. Knowledge is POWER. There is no such thing as a useless education!

A solid and effective study schedule will help you better retain information, enhance your overall learning experience and improve your focus, concentration AND grades, I thought I'd give you some tips that might help make your study a little bit more bearable :)

Maybe you aren't happy with the grades you've been getting? Are you wondering on how to be more effective, and get all the tasks and homework done on time? Whatever you are studying, these tips should be applicable. So, let's get in to them.

1. Always be prepared
There is nothing more sabotaging to your studies as being told some important piece of information and NOT having anything/anywhere to write it down to. Always come with the right notebook, a set of pens and pencils, laptop, textbook etc to the right class (I know I've gotten them mixed up and it sucks :D) so you'll never just forget something crucially important. Never. Because let's face it, if you know when the deadlines are, you'll have a much higher chance to start with the task early enough. At the same time, you'll become more organized and disciplined. Two very important set of skills in life. I do want to point out, however, that not all textbooks need to be purchased. Especially don't do it before you've attended a few lectures. There might be copies available used, discounted or even for free, so hold your horses. And, not to mention, not all courses even require you to have read the book in total, or you could try searching your local library first. Who knows if you'll find it there! Also, always check the noticeboards and online forums/facebook-groups for second-hand textbooks from fellow students. I've saved a lot of money buying the last year's copy used, because let's face it - the school textbooks are a business, and you don't need the newest edition always, because sometimes there's almost nothing new added.

2. Create a suitable study space

At home, you should dedicate a suitable area for your studying sessions. Try keeping it tidy, calming, clutter-free and light. Yes, lighting is important. Next to a window is a good idea. Make sure you're sitting with correct posture, that you feel comfortable and minimize distractions. I like having classical / calming instrumental music in the background, which has shown to improve results of studying and also keeps the small outside noises at a minimum.

3. Use the best technique of learning

How do you learn the best? By listening, watching, working in a group or reading? Or perhaps using your hands or by making fun games? Whatever technique works the best for you, use it. Or maybe if you're a combination of many styles, use them all. If reading gets tedious, try watching some doocumentaries / video clips on the subject. Depending on your subject, there are many different ways to study these days. 

4. Set goals

It is important and motivating to have and know your goal. So, decide what it is that you want from these studying sessions - an A, or to memorize X,Y and Z by heart... I'm not here to tell you what you should strive for. Only you will know the answer to that. Once you have a goal, create small steps and smaller goals on the way which will make you much more focused and productive. Remember to be realistic, though. Otherwise you will just get super stressed and that doesn't help you at all.

5. Take time and plan

Don't go around saying, "Oh, I never have the time for studying". Make the time! As soon as you wake up, or even the day before, plan your day and exactly how long you will study. And stick to it. Get yourself a planner! I just bought a super cute one online, which I could design myself. Set aside time every day, but remember to take days off (if your schedule allows it), though not during exam period. ;) Keep hustling!
And once you've set time aside, structure it - how many chapters to read, words to write down, tasks to do etc. Make the most out of it.

6. Take breaks and take care of yourself

Keep a water bottle next to you, always stay hydrated! If you get hungry or tired, it is time to take a break. It will improve your learning, as well. Don't expect to be effective if you sit down for 8 hours straight without any breaks, just staring at a book. Quality over quantity, all the way.
Stretch, go outside, workout, listen to some music.. Keep little breaks whenever you feel like you're not functioning optimally.

7. Discuss and teach others

Whether it is with a teacher, parent or class mate, make sure you participate in discussions and debates. This is excellent for learning. Also, ask questions as soon as they arise, so you won't leave holes in your learning process. They will make it much harder to gain deeper and more complete understanding. If you feel like you've really understood something, offer to help others get it, too! This will again make you that much better at the subject. You truly learn by teaching others. 

8. Be a good student

This last bit should be evident, but as from my own personal experience I've seen that it isn't. When you're in class, listen. Take notes. Ask questions, and interact with the teacher / other students. Don't text, Snap or scroll through Instagram. Heck, I've even seen people have video chats on Skype in class! The educators are there to help and teach you, take advantage of it. It's only for a few hours per day, you can stay focused and off your laptop / phone for that short time.

Whatever it is that you're studying, I hope you found these tips helpful and useful. Good luck with your studies! :)

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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  ― Mahatma Gandhi

x Mira


  1. Great tips Mira, and you're writing is really great! :D


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