Monday, September 28, 2015

Getting ready.. ✈️

Tomorrow I travel again!

This time with my oldest friend, to Prague. :D Couldn't be more excited!
I was there last year, but as I completely fell in love with the city, I didn't mind when my friend suggested to visit it. She has never been there before, so it will be amazing for her to finally experience the beauty of Prague.

We will stay there for four nights, and I'm bringing my brand new camera with me, and the goal is to film a vlog of some sort.. It will be my first vlog ever, so feeling a little nervous about walking in the street and talking to the camera.. :D But, at least I will give it a try. Haha. You will see how it turns out on my Youtube-channel. Subscribe so you'll never miss a video ;)

me in Prague last november

Will not be able to post here until maybe Monday again, since I will be busy exploring Prague, but I will post on Instagram frequently, as long as the hotel's wifi works well ;)
If you don't already follow me there, you can check me out at @mira.ingrid .

Hope all of you have a kick-ass week, see you next week! You can expect a photobomb from Prague then :D

x Mira

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