Saturday, August 8, 2015

Holidays in Barcelona

Hola from sunny Barcelona, Spain! I'm writing this on our last day of holidays, which is obviously sad, but I'm actually feeling great about going back to Norway (where I'm living atm). My boyfriend Leo and I have had a great time staying here, and look forward to coming back again ASAP! Leo's parents live here, which makes it a natural holiday destination.

We have been going to the beach almost every day, swimming in the sea, training, going to the movies, eating out, shopping, bowling, eating amazing food everyday and just chilling. I filmed a bit here and there, so I'll be making my very first Youtube-video on my Barcelona-trip :) excited!

Next blog post will be about vegan eats in Barcelona, tune in for that! Coming in a few days x

outfit details: bikini - Calzedonia

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