Sunday, August 9, 2015

Favourite Vegan Eats in Barcelona

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As you know, I visted the beautiful Barcelona recently. While I was there, I had the pleasure the visit some AMAZING restaurants and markets, which I wanted to share with you guys.

The first one is called FLAX & KALE

their weekend brunch menu sheet

Now this one was literally the best restaurant I have ever eaten in, hands down! I found my new favourite :) It is actually not even a vegan restaurant, but a Flexitarian one, so they also serve some dairy, eggs and fish. If you're into healthy, tasty, natural, mostly plant-based foods you will love it, just like we did. Most of their (if not all?) foods are made of organic ingredients. It was such a beautiful setting, with friendly staff, but the food was the reason I fell completely in love with this restaurant! Don't believe me? Just watch!


kale & seaweed salad

I also had an amazing turmeric & sweet potato & pumpkin ravioli, that I unfortunately didn't take pictures of. Safe to say, it was a feast :D To drink they have incredible cold-pressed juices, with endless options to choose from!

their juice selection (not my pic, stolen from:

I wanted to try everything on the menu, there were so many options! Which is great, is that they have their menus online, so you can already start drooling before even arriving there ;)
I will return, no doubt it. A little tip is to book a table on beforehand, especially if you are a large group, because we had to wait before getting a table, and it was full the whole time. It sure is great to see these kind of restaurants being so popular! :)


La Boqueria is a really cool and huge food market situated very centrally in Barcelona, just by the popular and crowded street La Rambla. This is such an experience of colors and flavours, and is a must-see if you're ever in Barcelona!

yummy smoothies

Especially if you are renting an apartment with cooking possibilities, this is the place to shop food from. They have such amazing fruits, smoothies, juices, treats, vegetables and cool little kitchens to eat a tasty and fast lunch from. 

the entrance to the market

for just a couple of euros, you can enjoy such yumminess!

vegan pita-bread with falafel lunch we had from an organic restaurant, I don't remember the name unfortunately! (this was however not their table :P)

These were just two of the many veg restaurants that I have tried so far, I know there are many more, so the rest will be tested and reviewed next time. Being a whole-foods high-carb vegan is not hard, even when eating out in Barcelona. Hasta la vista ♥

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